How To Design The Journey Of Business For Success

There is a very famous saying if you fail to prepare you to prepare to fail. Pernille Spiers, CEO of IKEA North America, is helping entrepreneurs to design their businesses and lives in a way where they can succeed that suits them. Your values, goals, and objectives should coincide and you may realize you have more control over them.

Here are some lessons for entrepreneurs so that you can design your own business and life for the kind of success that you always desire.

1. Not to worry about the challenges and push yourself to take challenges that you think are just impossible. It is a key to success. Usually what we learn and grow the most but challenging situations might extend us beyond what we think our limits are. It’s the time we need to change the mindset that limits us. Investors and team members will get inspired by the passion, interest, and energy created by you to take on the big challenges. There is a successful mantra to accomplish the big ideas is to have a long term plan, break down into sub-plans, attainable steps, and milestones to make execution possible while keeping the eye on the bigger goal.

2. Focusing on what you are good at instead of focusing on what you lack is very helpful and the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs to overcome. For example, if you are giving a presentation in a meeting and you find out that nobody is listening to your thoughts, avoid this overcoming negative thought and how you could change your communication so that it would be heard. Just emphasize your strengths whether you are a team member, customer, selling to capital providers, etc.

3. Think differently from the group. That doesn’t mean you go crazy but great minds think unalike. A diverse perspective can make you see not just what’s in front of you, but what could lie ahead.

4. Use elimination to make choices in business, whether you are a new entrepreneur deciding which business to follow or an existing entrepreneur deciding in what direction to move, choices can be devastating. Instead of making head spinning thoughts focus on what you are not good at or what you don’t want; with the help of this, you may be able to see the forest through the trees as you clear away the unwanted plants.

5. Success in life means having a supportive network. It’s very important to surround yourself with the right people. For example, at home, it’s very important to have the right partner who is supportive so that to put the resource, time, and energy in the right direction. On the business front, you are surrounded by a variety of supporters from experienced to skilled. Supporting mutual goals and sacrifices is a big part of business success so make sure that you are filled with people willing to challenge you.

6. Success is a long journey and takes time. As it’s a long ride don’t panic during the journey, be patient and you will be successful. Bad choices of business are borne out of panic and impatience. So it shouldn’t be the plan.



Head, HR & Strategy Development at Astron Packaging Limited, India & UAE

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Deepak Bhatt

Head, HR & Strategy Development at Astron Packaging Limited, India & UAE